One of a kind calendar for schools

Create Your Own-One of a Kind Calendar

Customize your masterKal calendar with a unique banner, colors, and logos to match your school and existing website. Captioned logos and pictures can be easily added and updated to highlight specific occasions and important upcoming events.

Calendar that reduces administrative time

Reduce Administrative Time

Creating a large event calendar is easy with masterKal! Features such as custom repeat, map check, and location auto suggest, make entering event data fast and efficient. Reoccurring events from the current year can be “day-shifted” to serve as the starting point for next year’s calendar!

Calendar that updates real time

Real Time Updates

When an existing event is modified, registered users will receive updates in seconds, via email or text. Likewise, when a new event is created that fits a user’s stored profile, they will receive an automated update.

Calendar that previews before publishing

Preview Before Publish

Accuracy is important! In a large organization, calendar preparation and maintenance may be the responsibility of numerous individuals and departments. masterKal offers a unique preview function that allows for centralized review, resolution of schedule conflicts, and collation of multiple calendars prior to publishing the master calendar.

Calendar that shows event locationOne Touch-Map Location

With a simple touch on an event, masterKal will map the location and directions with our built in functionality.

Calendar that downloads eventsPersonalize Your Calendar

Only need to download one sport or activity? It’s easy with masterKal! Parents have the choice of downloading all school events or just the events that pertain to their children. Applying filters allows you to easily select the events of interest.

Using calendar for fundraisingRaise Funds

Your masterKal event calendar will become a frequently visited web page because of it’s important content! Raise funds for your school by featuring the logos of sponsors and supporters. The software allows you to display logos and advertisements at the top of the calendar for all visitors to see.