Increase attendance through a calendarIncrease Attendance

Each calendar event has the ability to display links to buy tickets, register, or volunteer for events. Let your calendar be a one stop shop for your customers to buy tickets for an event and then download it to their personal calendar!

Calendar that updates quickly

Real Time Updates

If an event published in masterKal is changed, all registered users will receive automated texts or emails based on the user’s preference.

Customized calendar

Design Your Own

Enhance your group’s brand. Design your masterKal calendar with a customized banner, colors, and logo to match your organization and existing website.

Calendar that has fast data entry

Simple Data Entry

When you have performances or any group event to enter, it is important to be able to do them quickly. Entering group events is so simple with masterKal. Features such as custom repeat, map check, and location auto suggest, make entering event data fast and efficient.

Calendar that can be edited

Accuracy Counts

Accuracy is so important when managing many different types of events, times, and locations. masterKal allows you to check for duplicate events and to resolve conflicts before publishing your calendar to the public.

Calendar that can syncDownload

Only need to download one performance or activity? It’s easy with masterKal! Members have the choice of downloading all events in a category or just the events they plan on attending.

Fundraising through website calendarRaise Funds

Raise funds for your organization by adding advertisements, banners or sponsors on your masterKal. The masterKal web page offers a great place to feature your group’s sponsors. Our studies with club websites indicate that the masterKal calendar page was the second most frequently visited page (vs. the home page). A sponsor logo can also be featured on event updates that are emailed.