Phone-Image-with-Text-Message-1Keep Members Informed

Don’t let your members get caught in the rain when an event is canceled! Send automated texts or emails for last minute changes. Club members who subscribe to masterKal will automatically have their calendar updated!

Phone-Image-with-LocationOne Touch-Map Location

Does your team travel to events in unfamiliar cities and locations? Insure that your members get to the right place on time!! masterKal allows you to incorporate a map link that helps your members find the destination with ease.

Online calendar for clubs

Create Your Own Unique Look

Enhance your club’s brand! Customize your masterKal calendar with a unique banner, colors, and logo to match your club’s existing website. Captioned logos and pictures can be easily added to highlight special events.

Calendar that reduces administrative time

Quick and Easy Data Entry

When you have a large number of events to enter, it is important to be able to enter them quickly and efficiently. Creating a large event calendar is easy with masterKal! Features such as custom repeat, map check, and location auto suggest, make entering data fast and efficient.

Calendar that allows preview before publishing

Preview Before Publish

Accuracy is so important when managing so many events across multiple club divisions. masterKal allows you to check for duplicate events and conflicts before publishing your calendar to the public.

Calendar that can be downloadedPersonalize Your Calendar

Only need to download one sport or activity? It’s easy with masterKal! Parents have the choice of downloading all club events or just the events that pertain to their children.

Raise funds on your event calendarRaise Funds

The masterKal web page offers a great place to feature your club’s sponsors and supporters! Our studies indicate that the masterKal calendar page was the second most frequently visited page (vs. the home page) on club websites. The software allows you to feature up to three logos on your calendar and a single logo on email updates.