The masterKal calendar program that St. Louis de Montfort evaluated this school year was very helpful. I am the Administrative Assistant at the school and I also have a daughter who attends the school. This allowed me to evaluate the calendar as both an administrator, who creates the calendar, and as a parent, who uses the calendar.

Entering the data was easy. Perhaps the biggest challenge was deciding what categories we needed to create for our calendar activities. Each category could be a distinctive color, which helps it pop off the page when viewing the calendar.

As a user of the calendar, the event filtering was beneficial for selecting just the information I was looking for. The ability to download the calendar format to my personal phone helped me keep school and personal schedules up to date and organized. Overall, this calendar product is very informative and useful.

Jennifer P. Administrator, St. Louis de Montfort School October 27, 2014

We love masterKal! We are able to input everything: all the different workouts, competitions, social events, fundraisers, etc all into the same calendar. Our parents love it because they can go to our website or download it to their personal calendar if they ever have any questions about what's going on with the program.
We think our parents find it very convenient. They like that they are able to access the schedules of all the different levels of the program all on one central database. As a coaching staff, it helps us out a lot.
The Action Button is awesome! This allows us to link sign up (sites) to the competition for people to register!

Wade M. Wrestling Coach, Carmel USA Wrestling Club October 27, 2014

masterKal makes it so easy to search for a specific type of event e.g. "Christmas party"; and provides the ability to easily download only the activites I want on my personal calendar as well as my phone, thus eliminating need to manually enter the information.

Julie K. Parent, St. Louis de Montfort School February 5, 2015

Great job on adding the Spring Sports Calendar to the SLDM Athletic Web site! I discovered it yesterday and quickly noticed that the Cadet Soccer team was playing the Panthers of St. Pius X at St. Mathews. After dinner I was able to watch their game and enjoyed it very much. I would not have known about the game without the new (masterKal) calendar. I plan on checking out that calendar in the future to see if any other SLDM CYO sporting events are taking place in my free time.

Marshall S. Parent and Gym Facility Manager June 9, 2015

Thank you for creating the (masterKal) Guerin Catholic track calendar. I'm not obsessive about much, but I am obsessed with having events, appointments, and todos on my calendar. Your downloadable calendar saved me a LOT of time and also helped me to know not only that there was a track meet, but to know exact times and addresses of the meets. I LOVE IT!

JoDee C. Parent of Track and Field Athlete June 9, 2015

I have found the masterKal calendar to be very helpful when searching for events. I love the action buttons that provide maps or fliers with jus the click of the mouse.

Gary B. Parent, Carmel USA Wrestling Club January 11, 2016