Our Product – Your Benefits

masterKal is a unique, interactive calendaring system that allows organizations (i.e. schools, clubs, churches and entertainment groups) to create, publish, and maintain a master calendar of the events they sponsor. No longer is the event calendar an afterthought of an off-the-shelf write my essay software program; masterKal becomes an important communication vehicle for the organization. masterKal generates a customizable calendar that can be featured on the organization’s website; reflecting their brand identity and engaging members and the public with access to up-to-date event information.

customizeOrganization Benefits

  • Save time in calendar creation
  • Improve attendance
  • Provide updates and reminders
  • Manage events in one place
  • Raise funds through advertising

The masterKal software can be used by any organization, regardless of size or complexity. Organization administrators, staff, and even volunteers can create a comprehensive calendar via an easy to use, intuitive template. Event and sponsor logos are easily incorporated into the calendar, allowing you to highlight specific events or sponsors.

Once prepared, the calendar can be embedded or linked on the organization’s home page. Visitors to your website will have a single touch point for ALL of your events. Links to registration, ticket sales, and map sites, as well as attachments (e.g., program details, rosters, and speaker bios) are easily incorporated into the event details. masterKal allows you to provide your members with all of the information necessary to insure that your event is a success! Last minute changes to an event are quickly communicated to registered members in real-time via their choice of text or e-mail.

Member Benefits

  • Easy access to events of interest
  • Seamless download to personal calendars
  • Notifications on changes to events

Once published to your website, members or the public can customize the calendar to fit their specific needs and interests. By selecting events using a series of descriptive category filters, visitors to your website can create a personal calendar that displays those events they may wish to attend. Thus, masterKal eliminates the need to hunt through the website or look under different tabs to find a specific calendar or event of interest.

Once created, a customized event list can then be printed, and/or downloaded directly to a member’s calendaring system (iCal, Google and Outlook currently supported), eliminating the need for tedious manual transfer of event data to personal calendars. Important data for all relevant events are seamlessly and accurately transferred with just a few clicks. Registered users store their category preferences for quick and easy access in the future. In addition, they receive event updates if changes are made. masterKal incorporates state-of-the-art technology that allows users to subscribe to their customized calendar. This allows event changes to be automatically pushed to their personal calendars.

Win-Win System – Keeps Everyone Connected

masterKal is a win-win for the organization and its members. For the organization, masterKal saves time in calendar creation and can improve attendance by giving potential attendees complete, accurate and up-to-date information on events. It helps to insure that your organization’s events get onto individual calendars. Members and visitors to the organizational website benefit from easy access to event information and seamless download to their personal calendars. masterKal keeps everyone connected!