Most patients today want to understand and participate in their health care decisions.13,21 To accomplish this, physicians need to disclose both harmful and nonharmful events to patients. An example of a current open disclosure guideline comes from the Veterans Health Administration . Any event that occurs must be fully documented and disclosed to the patient in a timely manner. Analysis of such information would then be used to identify vulnerabilities in health care systems. Voluntary reporting systems, as envisioned by the IOM, would not interfere with the mandatory reporting of more serious errors, as required under state law and other accountability systems. Any public or private organization seeking PSO certification would have to meet certain criteria.

However harm due to human error can largely be eliminated through the proper and effective utilization of controls, such as checklists, that are designed for just such a purpose. The main implication of our adapted conceptual model is that the starting point for considering future interventions should resemble what we have identified as multipronged approaches. These would intentionally address the organization’s ability to enable, enact, and elaborate a safety culture rather than focus on just one of these areas. Once initiated, teamwork interventions might be further enabled by policies that reward team-based care. This interpretation of our model also suggests a more holistic approach to asking research questions and the means of answering them.

The story recounts the many mishaps that have occurred due to the mishandling and miscommunication with regard to EMRs in a healthcare setting. One error, which resulted in a $2 million verdict for the plaintiff involved a doctor missing an abnormal urinalysis, which led to advanced kidney disease for the patient. In their study, the researchers examined four separate studies that analyzed medical death rate data from 2000 to 2008. Trinkoff et al.31reported hospitals with higher patient mortality rates had higher rates of nurses working long hours, lacking time away from work, working while sick, and having higher weekly work hour burdens.

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  • None requires divulging how the harm happened, who was responsible or what steps hospitals are taking to make sure the harm doesn’t happen again.

Medical errors cause a significant burden to patients and healthcare providers globally, leading to avoidable suffering, increased illness and increased costs of care. In the United States, medical errors are thought to be the third most common cause of death after cancer and heart disease. Consider the connection between health literacy, patient safety, and medical errors. Patients who know how to ask questions of providers, and providers who know how to answer patients in plain language, can go a very long way to improving the health care of our population. Research also highlights the importance of maintaining the infrastructure to support safety initiatives because it is necessary to catalyze, execute, and sustain efforts to reduce hospital errors.

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What are the pros and cons of using the following language to disclose this error? “You received more insulin than you needed.” “You had a bad reaction to the insulin.” “There was a miscommunication about your insulin order.” Pregnancy screenings can provide valuable information before your baby is born about the risks for common birth defects. Ask your doctor if your treatment is based on the latest evidence. You also can ask your doctor about new trials or studies.

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